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Any student enrolled in Yale College and experiencing academic difficulty is eligible for up to ten hours of tutoring per course each semester through the program. For eligibility purposes, academic difficulty is defined as currently earning or likely to earn a grade of “C+” or below in a course.

Tutors are advanced undergraduate, graduate, or professional school students. These members of the Yale community are invited to apply to be a tutor (please see “Applying to Be a Tutor” below). Tutors in the program have a demonstrated expertise in the subject area they wish to instruct and experience communicating relevant related material.

The Tutoring Program assumes the cost of tutoring. If more than ten hours are needed, the student may request additional time from the Program Coordinator. Normally, additional sessions are limited to no more than five hours.

Requesting a tutor

Students requesting a tutor may print an application here or obtain one from the Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center in SSS 20. The student must complete part “A” and the instructor must complete part “B.” Completed applications should be submitted to the Science & QR Center, SSS 20. Assignment of tutors is made by the Program Coordinator and, whenever possible, will be made within one week of receipt of the application. Students and tutors are notified of the assignment by email.

Students should contact the tutor as soon as they receive the email assignment. Sessions are scheduled by the tutor and student at a mutually convenient time and place, although all students must be tutored on campus.

Please note that the assignment of a tutor cannot be guaranteed when a request is received after midterm.

Applying to be a tutor

The Science and QR Tutoring Program provides individual tutoring to undergraduates enrolled in the College. Tutors are advanced undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. First year special students and freshmen may not be tutors. Any student interested in tutoring through the Science and QR Tutoring program must have received an “A-” or better in the course you plan to tutor or have taken a higher level course in the same subject. Applicants must also receive a recommendation from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) or the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in the area he or she wishes to tutor. Tutors may wish to tutor in more than one subject area and will need to secure the recommendation of the DUS or DGS in the appropriate area. Graduate students should consult their DGS about any financial implications for fellowships or scholarships. Applicants should also email an unofficial transcript in a pdf file to, and prepare for an informal meeting with the Program Coordinator.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, tutors will be paid $17.00 per hour. Please note that there is no way for us to predict demand and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific number of hours.


(Once we receive your Academic Reference form you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator to schedule an orientation)


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