Introduction to Science Courses at Yale

Beginning with the Class of 2009, Yale College students will be required to complete two courses in each of three disciplinary areas: humanities, natural science and social science. In addition, each student will fulfill a skills requirement by completing a foreign language requirement and two courses each in writing and quantitative reasoning.

By the end of the sophomore year, you will need to have enrolled in at least one course in each of the disciplinary areas and one course in each of the three skills. This page is designed to help you navigate course selection and your education in science (Sc) courses during your first two years at Yale.

If you are planning to major in a natural or applied science, you should seek advice on the selection of your science and math courses from those who are most familiar with your potential field of study. The Academic Fair is a great opportunity to meet with departmental representatives, and questions may also be directed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies or to other appropriate departmental representatives.

Even if you are not planning to major in the sciences, the development of some understanding of one or more of the sciences will play an important role in your education. Yale College offers a wide array of science courses available to students with varying interests and levels of preparation. A list of science courses without prerequisite is available to assist you in selecting an appropriate course or courses.

Getting the most of out of your science courses will in many cases require seeking help from those whose experience enables them to guide you in developing an understanding that builds upon and goes beyond what you’ve learned in the classroom. Yale makes a multitude of academic support resources available to students and students are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of these resources as part of their routine approach to coursework, not just in response to encountering difficulties. A description of tutoring resources that are available in addition to assistance from the instructor and teaching fellow(s) is available online.