Yale Science & Engineering Research

Yale Undergraduate Research

Original research is an integral part of undergraduate science education at Yale. Academic year and summer research opportunities bring classroom concepts to life and prepare Yale students for postgraduate training and careers in the sciences and engineering. With access to more than 1,200 faculty laboratories in 45 degree-granting programs in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale undergraduates perform research ranging from the observation of black holes to the development of the nervous system.

Research Opportunities at Yale

Yale provides a variety of programs tailored to the individual needs of students, ranging from programs such as STARS to departmentally-based programs and other opportunities to perform research in the laboratories of faculty throughout Yale University.

STARS (Science, Technology and Research Scholars) provides selected first-year students through seniors with an integrated experience that combines mentorship, academic support and original research.

Yale faculty mentors provide a wide variety of research opportunities to students throughout their time at Yale. While many students perform research in conjunction with departmental major requirements, such research may alternatively be carried out in laboratories of faculty in other appropriate departments throughout Yale University.

Support for Undergraduate Research at Yale

The STARS programs provide funding for research during the summer and/or academic year.

The Yale College First-year Summer Research Fellowship supports first-year students in the summer after the first year.

The Yale College Dean’s Research Fellowship and Rosenfeld Science Scholars Program support sophomores and juniors.