STARS Monthly Faculty-Student Dinner Series

Traditionally the STARS Programs do not support students during their sophomore year. Many STARS Summer students stated that after an exciting summer of research, sophomore year was a “letdown” without any STARS component to engage their scientific curiosities. To remedy this problem, Dean Chang initiated a monthly faculty-student dinner series where a distinguished group of  Yale scientists ate dinner in the Ezra Stiles Fellows Lounge with a small group of STARS students. Faculty gave a talk on his/her scientific journey, adversities overcame, and current research projects. The students loved hearing these personal stories and many made individual connections with these faculty members.  Previous speakers included the following faculty:

Marvin Chun, PhD
Enrique De La Cruz
Stephanie Eisenbarth, MD/PhD
Ellen Foxman, MD/PhD
Marla Geha, PhD
Faye Rogers, PhD
David Schatz, MD/PhD       
Paul Tipton, PhD
Paul Turner, PhD
Meg Urry, PhD
Joseph Vinetz, MD