Undergraduate Publications

Yale undergraduate publications (undergrad authors in bold)

Juman MM, Woodman N, Miller-Murthy A, Olison L, Sargis E. (2022) Taxonomic boundaries in Lesser Treeshrews (Scandentia, Tupaiidae: Tupaia minor Gunther, 1876). Journal of Mammalogy; gyac080, https://doi.org/10.1093/jmammal/gyac080. 

Boswell RG*, Sun W*, Suzuki S, & Kober H. (2019) Training in Cognitive Strategies Reduces Eating and Improves Food Choice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 115(48): E11238-E11247. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1717092115. *co-first authors

Burt JB, Demirtas M, Eckner WJ, Navejar N, Ji JL, Martin WJ, Bernacchia A, Anticevic A, Murray JD. (2018) Hierarchy of transcriptomic specialization across human cortex captured by structural neuroimaging topography. Nature Neuroscience 21:1251.

Epstein AE, Espinoza-Sanchez S, Pollard TD. (2018) Phosphorylation of Arp2 is not essential for Arp2/3 complex activity in fission yeast. Life Sci Alliance 1(5): e201800202. doi: 10.26508/lsa.201800202. eCollection 2018 Oct. PMID:30456391.

Gilder AL, Chapin HC, Padovano V, Hueschen CL, Rajendran V, Caplan, MJ. (2018) Newly Synthesized Polycystin 1 Takes Different Trafficking Pathways to the Apical and Ciliary Membranes. Traffic 19:933-945.

Gupta S, Mani NR, Carvajal-Hausdorf DE, Bossuyt V, Ho K, Weidler J, Wong W, Rhees B, Bates M, Rimm DL. (2018) Macrodissection prior to closed system RT-qPCR is not necessary for estrogen receptor and HER2 concordance with IHC/FISH in breast cancer. Lab Invest. 98(8):1076-83. doi: 10.1038/s41374-018-0064-1. PubMed PMID: 29858579; PMCID: 6119113.

Habtemichael EN, Li DT, Alca´zar-Roma´n A, Westergaard XO, Li M, Petersen MC, Li H, DeVries SG, Li E, Julca-Zevallos O, Wolenski JS, Bogan JS. (2018) Usp25m protease regulates ubiquitin-like processing of TUG proteins to control GLUT4 glucose transporter translocation in adipocytes J. Biol. Chem. 293:10466 –10486.

Hawk J, Calvo AC, Liu P, Almoril-Porras A, Aljobeh A, Torruella-Suárez ML, Ren I, Cook N, Greenwood J, Luo L, Wang ZW, Samuel ADT, Colón-Ramos DA. (2018) Integration of plasticity mechanisms within a single sensory neuron of C. elegans actuates a memory. Neuron 97:356-367.

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Kauffman K, Yu S, Jin J, Mugo B, O’Brien A, Nguyen N, Nag S, Lystad A, Melia TJ. (2018) Delipidation of Atg8 proteins by each of the four mammalian Atg4 proteases.  Autophagy 14(6): 992-1010. doi: 10.1080/15548627.2018.1437341.

Kostylev MA, Tuttle MD, Lee S, Klein E, Takahashi H, Cox TO, Gunther EC, Zilm KW, Strittmatter SM. (2018) Liquid and Hydrogel Phases of PrP(C) Linked to Conformation Shifts and Triggered by Alzheimer’s Amyloid-β Oligomers. Mol Cell 72(3):426-443.e12. PMID: 30401430.

Lin Q, Rosenberg MD, Yoo K, Hsu WT, O’Connell TP, & Chun MM. (2018) Resting-state functional connectivity predicts cognitive impairment related to Alzheimer’s Disease. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 10:94.

Norris CJ, Creem D, Hendler R, Kober H. (2018) Brief mindfulness meditation improves attention in novices: Evidence from ERP and moderation by neuroticism. Front Hum Neurosci.12:315. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2018.00315.

Rosenberg MD, Hsu WT, Scheinost D, Constable RT, & Chun MM. (2018) Resting-state functional connectivity predicts neuroticism and extraversion in novel individuals. Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience 13:224-232.

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Shook BA, Wasko R, Rivera-Gonzalez GC, Salazar-Gatzimas E, López-Giráldez F, Dash BC, Muñoz-Rojas AR, Aultman KD, Zwick RK, Lei V, Arbiser JL, Miller-Jensen K, Clark DA, Hsia HC, Horsley V. (2018) Myofibroblast proliferation and heterogeneity are supported by macrophages during skin repair. Science 362:909. PMID: 30467144.

Vallery T, Withers JB, Andoh J, Steitz JA. (2018) KSHV mRNA accumulation in nuclear foci is influenced by viral DNA replication and the viral noncoding PAN RNA. J. Virol. 92, e00220-18PMCID: PMC6002709.

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Gu P, Wang Y, Bisht KK, Wu L, Kukova L, Smith EM, Xiao Y, Bailey SM, Lei M, Nandakumar J, Chang S. (2017) Pot1 OB-fold mutations unleash telomere instability to initiate tumorigenesis. Oncogene. 36(14):1939-1951.

Haas LT, Salazar SV, Smith LM, Zhao HR, Cox TOHerber CS, Degnan AP, Balakrishnan A, Macor JE, Albright CF, Strittmatter SM. (2017) Silent Allosteric Modulation of mGluR5 Maintains Glutamate Signaling while Rescuing Alzheimer’s Mouse Phenotypes. Cell Rep. 20:76-88. PMID: 28683325.

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Chemical and Physical Sciences

Chetty AK, Sexton JA, Ha BH, Turk BE, Boggon TJ. Recognition of physiological phosphorylation sites by p21-activated kinase 4. Journal of Structural Biology. 2020; 211(3):107553. doi: 10.1016/j.jsb.2020.107553.

Jaber Chehayeb R, Wang J, Stiegler AL, Boggon TJ. The GTPase-activating protein p120RasGAP has an evolutionarily conserved ‘FLVR-unique’ SH2 domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2020).

Jaber Chehayeb R, Stiegler AL, Boggon TJ. Crystal structure of p120RasGAP N-terminal SH2 domain in its apo form and in complex with a p190RhoGAP phosphotyrosine peptide. PLOS ONE. (2019); 14(12): e0226113. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0226113. PMCID: PMC6938330

Espinosa MR, Charboneau DJ, Garcia de Oliveira A, Hazari N. (2018) Controlling Selectivity in the Hydroboration of Carbon Dioxide to the Formic Acid, Formaldehyde, and Methanol Oxidation Levels. ACS Catal. 2019, 9, 301−314.

Jiang J, Matula AJ, Swierk JR, Romano N, Wu Y, Batista VS, Crabtree RH, Lindsey JS, Wang H, Brudvig GW.  (2018) Unusual Stability of a Bacteriochlorin Electrocatalyst under Reductive Conditions. A Case Study on CO2 Conversion to CO. ACS Catalysis 8, 10131-10136.

Jiang J, Spies JA, Swierk JR, Matula AJ, Regan KP, Romano N, Brennan BJ, Crabtree RH, Batista VS, Schmuttenmaer CA, Brudvig GW. (2018) Direct Interfacial Electron Transfer from High-Potential Porphyrins into Semiconductor Surfaces: A Comparison of Linkers and Anchoring Groups. J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 13529-13539.

Jung O, Pegis ML, Wang Z, Banerjee G, Nemes CT, Hoffeditz WL, Hupp JT, Schmuttenmaer CA, Brudvig GW, Mayer JM. (2018) Highly Active NiO Photocathodes for H2O2 Production Enabled via Outer-Sphere Electron Transfer. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140, 4079−4084.

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