Course-Based Peer Tutors in Science and Quantitative Reasoning

Through a pilot program, subject to ongoing evaluation, an instructor may request authorization to appoint one or more Course-Based Peer Tutors in a science or quantitative reasoning course. These tutors are available in addition to the other resources (such as faculty and Teaching Fellows) associated with the course. The Course-Based Peer Tutors are undergraduates who, in most cases, will have previously taken the course.

Course-Based Peer Tutors attend lectures and are available to students in the course for one-on-one and small group tutoring. These Tutors are overseen by the course instructor.  

For additional information please visit the Center for Teaching and Learning Tutoring web site

Requests for authorization to appoint a Course-Based Peer Tutor should be addressed to Kailas Purushothaman, HGS 138.