September 30, 2022
An extinct reptile’s oddly shaped chompers, fingers, and ear bones may tell us quite a bit about the resilience of life on Earth, according to a new study.
September 29, 2022
Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, outlines how businesses and individuals can push for systemic climate action.
September 29, 2022
Yale’s library has made its first donation to the Arctic World Archive, whose goal is to preserve global memory and cultural heritage for future generations.
September 28, 2022
Researchers discovered possible new approach for creating neuropsychiatric drugs derived from chemistry developed by a Yale laboratory.
September 23, 2022
Yale’s Martha Muñoz has shown that lizards and other organisms can influence their own evolution — a lesson she’s passing on to her students.
September 22, 2022
Yale College seniors led by Yale physicist Sarah Demers spent a summer in Europe searching for subatomic particle collisions that few humans have ever seen.
September 22, 2022
Daniel Spielman has won the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics for “multiple discoveries in theoretical computer science and mathematics.”