Yale Science and Engineering Association Undergraduate Research Grants

Yale Science and Engineering Association

To apply for a YSEA grant (individual or group) please submit all materials to the YSEA undergraduate grants committee at Grants@YSEA.org.

The application process for all grants has four required elements:

  1. Abstract of proposed activities (typically 1-2 pages). The abstract should include detail on the specific deliverables associated with the project scope, the methods to be used in developing and validating project deliverables, and other goals for the scope of work to be funded. Each grant is intended to fund a single project with a clear indication of expenses for which the YSEA Grant funds will be used. The abstract should also provide an overview of project participants including students, advisors and any outside resources.
  2. Itemized budget. The budget contains an itemized bill of materials for required equipment, supplies and other expenses needed to complete the project or experiment prior to the start of the next academic year. Details on the source(s) of any additional funding needed to complete the project or experiment will allow the Grants Committee to confirm viability of project scope and deliverables. Note that YSEA grant funding is not provided for teaching, travel, living expenses or general purpose equipment like computers or software.
  3. Letter of support from a faculty advisor. The letter should demonstrate the commitment of the faculty advisor to support the student efforts as described in the abstract of proposed activities and to convey the faculty advisor’s confidence that the proposed activities are practical and achievable by the student(s).
  4. Contact information for the department administrator to whom grant funds are to be sent. To facilitate correct allocation of YSEA Undergraduate Grant funds, YSEA generally coordinates disbursement through the faculty advisor’s department administrator.

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